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Mojo Pimp Kratom "Pimpin' Pays" Sales Contest

Pimpin’ Pays Contest Winners

We have tallied the sales and the numbers are in…

“Pimpin’ Pays” Sales Contest Winner:
Purple Haze in Denver, Colorado

Runner Up:
Jim’s Up In Smoke in Greenville, South Carolina

2nd Runner Up:
Smoke 911 in Marietta, Georgia

Purple Haze is the winner of an Apple iPad Mini, Jim’s Up In Smoke will receive a Kindle Fire HD and Smoke 911 will receive a Kindle Fire.

Thanks to all of our customers for participating. If your store did not participate, there will be more opportunities in the future. We encourage you to start building up your customer base now to increase your odds.


THC Detox Decomplicated

Finally, Detox Decomplicated.

We have finally found a detoxification system that works. In 5 years of competitive market retail sales , this system has outperformed other products. Most will clean your digestive system OR urinary tract OR liver while leaving environmental toxins in other areas of your body, subjecting you to re-contamination with in a few hours after completion.

Total Health Cleanse and Total Hair Cleanse, when used together, will permanently eliminate toxins from your entire body including your hair. Start with the Total Health Cleanse Capsules to flush your body and follow it up with Total Hair Cleanse to remove the residual toxins trapped in your follicles for the most complete cleanse currently available.

For a limited time, get FREE SHIPPING on these products from our online store. Buy the bundle for additional savings. Comes complete with detailed instructions (also available on their websites).

Tennessee kratom

Tennessee Bans Kratom

Tennessee House Bill No. 12, signed by Governor, becomes law July 1st.
A Tennessee kratom law has passed legislation making it illegal to knowingly produce, manufacture, distribute, sell, offer for sale or possess mitragynine and hydroxymitagynine. This bill goes into effect July 1st, 2013.

We encourage you to contact your local State Representatives and let them know that Kratom is not a synthetic cannabinoid or bath salt and that they have made a huge mistake.

To read the full law, click here.

Stock up now!!! We will NOT ship kratom products to Tennessee after Friday, June 21st, 2013.

Mojo Pimp Kratom "Pimpin' Pays" Sales Contest

Who wants a free iPad Mini?

We’re rewarding our top sales customers!

Mojo Pimp Kratom “Pimpin’ Pays” Sales Contest
Runs from April 1st, 2013 – June 30th, 2013
(only orders placed between those dates will be counted towards contest)

The store who sells the most units of Mojo Pimp Kratom between
those dates wins an Apple iPad Mini.

Runner up = Amazon Kindle Fire HD
2nd Runner up = Amazon Kindle Fire


Glassroots, online ordering and exclusive deals

Well, we are all caught up on CHAMPS orders and more keep pouring in. We just received word that one of our distributors will be featuring Tap Dat Ash at the Glassroots Art Show, April 21st-23rd, in Austin, Texas.

We have also been hard at work adding new features to our website. You can now place retail orders and wholesale orders directly on our website. If you plan to make a purchase and if you haven’t done so already, please take a few seconds and “Like” our Facebook product pages. We will be offering EXCLUSIVE promo codes on these pages for discounts on your orders.

Wholesale discounts will be offered through our company FB page:

You guys are absolutely amazing!! We’ll check back in with you soon.