420 Kit - The Premium Pipe Care Package
silicone ashtrayglass joint lubricantRox Glass Diffusion (Medium)Effin Clean Cleaning Plugs

420 Kit – The Premium Pipe Care Package

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420 Kit - The Premium Pipe Care Package

Toob Loob

Apply all-natural Toob Loob to your glass on glass joints! Prevent them from getting stuck and protect your water pipe.

Tap Dat Ash

Don’t be afraid to tap it! Tap Dat Ash Premium Silicone Ashtrays are heat resistant, feature built-in storage , and are safe on glass.

ROX Glass Diffusion

ROX Glass Diffusion Stones are organically-shaped and pack together tightly, giving you the smoothest water pipe hits every time!

Effin Clean

Just add hot water! Our Effin Clean Multi Surface Cleanser & Effin Clean Cleaning Plugs are the perfect pair for cleaning on the go!

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 x 3.25 x 6.5 in

Synche Enterprises


Effin Clean, ROX Glass Diffusion, Tap Dat Ash, Toob Loob

2 reviews for 420 Kit – The Premium Pipe Care Package

  1. 5 out of 5


    I was really surprise be how fast your company was to reply to my inquiries and how easy the shipping process was. My package not only arrived on time but secure and discreet! The package was nicely secured in a larger box with bubble wrapped and arrived at my door any damage. After opening my box I was extremely surprised and pleased by the quality of everything inside! With a reasonable price that I can definitely something recommend to my friends and co-workers! I will be posting a video review along with a written review at

  2. 5 out of 5


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    Product Review: 420 Kit
    Raven Love Starr July 7, 2015 Product Reviews, Spotlight, Toys 104
    What is 420 Kit?

    The 420 Kit is a “Premium Pipe Care Package” by Synche , a First Aid Kit for your Pipes. 420 Kit is primarily designed to aid in the care of your smoking pieces & give you that top shelf smoking experience with items like ROX – glass diffusion.

    What Comes Inside?420kit-470×470


    Tap Dat Ash Premium Silicone Ashtray
    Toob Loob Glass Joint Lubricant
    ROX Glass Diffusion Stones (Medium)
    Effin Clean Multi Surface Cleanser (2 Packs)
    Effin Clean Cleaning Plugs (14mm & 18mm)
    Dab Tool
    Silicone Jar
    Limited Edition Collectable Lunch Box
    How much does it cost?

    The Price listed on the site is currently $49.95 which was reduced from its original price of $79.95, I’m glad they dropped the price as it feel anything above $50 would keep most from purchasing this item.

    Where do I buy?

    You may purchase 420 Kit at Synce Enterprises .


    Since this is a heavy item I was really surprised that shipping was free, talk about a bargain! Not only was the shipping free it was also fast and discreet! My packaged arrived on time which we tracked “tracking code provided” in a brown discreet box, inside was nicely packaged with bubble wrap. The Box itself was saran wrapped which kept the tin from opening, I would also like to mention that the outside packaging was labeled fragile. 5 Stars for shipping!

    Are the items something useful?

    Unless you have some crazy designer wood or space age type pipe or don’t smoke at all I don’t see why this kit wouldn’t come in handy. Even the tin box is something I could use, although some of the items are new to me and probably will be new to others I still feel that 420 Kit is something everyone who really cares about their pieces should purchase at one point if it fits in their budget.

    Quality of items?

    Since this review is about 420 Kit as a whole we would like to not go into detail about each item since a review for each item will be done in the coming days. We will say that the quality of the items at first glance loot Top Shelf and very well thought out.


    We are looking forward to reviewing each item especially the effin clean & TOOB LOOB as we have never used anything like them!!!

    Our thoughts.

    This product is definitely something that was thought out by the creators and not just put together over night with cheap products and bad advertisement. From the packaging to the delivery everything was Top Shelf, I’m actually thinking about ordering a few more for my friends and co-workers ” I know a few that could give their pieces some TLC”. One of the things I really love about the box so far is the fact that everything inside was nicely organized and the overall medical feel of the 420 Kit. I can’t wait to further review the contents of 420 Kit in depth and get to give some of my pieces a little much needed TLC. Thank you 420 Kit and Synche Enterprise for providing Cannasseur Magazine and myself a great product for reviewing.

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